I'm a Wyoming girl. Living here on the plains of Cheyenne.  I was born and raised here in the west, and the wide open space is truly comforting to me. As are the mountains. And the fresh air. I have been a portrait photographer for a decade now. I live my life in pictures. It's my first love in the arts.  I'm a wanderer of the world. I'm a meander. I like to taste the coffee elsewhere. I've captured that and want to share some of that here. I also like to capture the little things I find beauty in. Things just outside my door. Things just inside my kitchen. I love to bake. I love to cook I love to relish in the colors on my plate as much as I like to paint them on paper. 
Photography is just a piece of what I love to do. Creating is what breathes life into my soul. What awakens me. Whatever form that comes in. I like to bring life to things unnoticed and forgotten. Drawing and painting have always been something I do in the "in between" time.  I have a simplistic, abstract mind when it comes to paints. Quite the opposite of photography. It's my way of staying outside the lines.  I find incredible joy in splashing in the colors and having them look like something at the end. 
I have a unique sense of style. Sometimes you can find me in a perfectly pressed shirt and heels and other times you will find in torn jeans and a tee shirt, but I always like to have something different. Something that catches the eye. Which is why I decided to make patina jewelry as well. It's a process of making something simple and mostly overlooked, aging it, making it look old and in the process... turning into something beautiful. I look at it like "art you can wear." I found a piece in a little store about 8 years ago and fell in love with the look and the textures and the colors and the way it wears.  It changes with you. Ages. And that's what I love about it. It's not supposed to be perfect. Each piece is different. It's unpredictable... just like life. 

I'm a lover of color in my art. I'm a painter of white on my walls. It's a drastic contrast of this and that. And it perfectly describes my brain. A 50/50 mix of chaos and calm. I love to dance with shadows and the sun in photos but I love the what colors do to my soul at the end of a long day at the tip of a paint brush.